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FiDi's Office-to-Condo Pioneer 20 Pine Finally Sells Out

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More than seven years ago, this blog first posted about a little office-to-condo conversion known as 20 Pine. It was the start of a long, intimate, and Shvotactular relationship?we've gone from munching on cookies branded with the address to throwing its condos into the metaphorical Real Estate death cage. And now we have just received a press release announcing a major milestone: developer Africa Israel USA has sold all 408 condos. It may have taken a long-ass time (the sales office opened in January 2006), but nonetheless, a hearty congrats to all involved. Real estate conslutant Lori Ordover, who worked closely with AFI on the development, said the sellout "feels like I just sent my child off to college."

StreetEasy gives no indication to 20 Pine being sold out, but that's because the place has been around for so damn long, there are already dozens of resales and/or rental listings. The first sales were recorded way back in spring 2007, with the bulk happening in 2008. The place was marketed by Curbed's old friend (and 2005 Broker of the Year) Michael Shvo. Post-crash, it hit some rough times, but by mid-2009, things were going smoothly and residents finally got their Turkish steam bath (the other enviable amenities include a private subway entrance and golf simulator, plus the usual pool, gym, and various lounges). In 2011, 20 Pine really started kicking butt. The building had its small screen debut on Selling New York, James Franco shot a movie there, and Curbed graced the Armani/Casa-designed interiors with our presence. The rest, as they say, is history, which you can read about here.
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20 Pine Street

20 Pine Street, New York, NY