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Hyatt Lacks Promised Bamboo; Learn the Burg's Artsy Secrets

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UNION SQUARE?A tipster sent the photo above our way as an update on the progress of the just-about-ready-to-open-no-really-almost Hyatt Union Square. Attention, people, there have been plants installed on the terrace; you can sort of see 'em peeking over the wall. But remember a long, long time ago (okay, just two years), when we were promised that there would be a hydroponic bamboo garden, with greenery stretching up the sides of the building on Fourth Avenue and 13th Street? It seems that, yet again, our hopes, once as high as bamboo shoots, have been dashed. In other news, the hotel's website says it's taking reservations starting April 22. [CurbedWire Inbox, previously]

WILLIAMSBURG?Calling all wannabe 'Burg insiders! Arts & culture group Peekaboo Williamsburg is giving two guided tours at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on April 27. For $25, explore some of the neighborhoods lesser-known creative hotspots. Starting at The Muse Brooklyn, a circus school, the tours (which follow different itineraries) also include stops for wine tastings, studio visits, art gallery exhibitions, and prop house ACME Studio's "amazing photo booth." Here's a brief teaser video. Plus, like all good walking tours, there's an afterparty. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

Hyatt Union Square

132 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY 10003