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Fifth Ave. Co-op with City's Most Ornate Ceilings Wants $25M

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This morning, a tipster alerted us to a Park Avenue Penthouse fit for Louis XIV. Now, thanks to another tipster, this $25 million full-floor co-op on Fifth Avenue is on our radar, and what do you know—it's even more fit for Louis XIV. What a great day to be an 18th century King of France in the New York City real estate market. This apartment, encompassing the entire eighth floor of 1020 Fifth Avenue, originally consisted of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and five staff rooms, but now two of the staff rooms have been enveloped by the master suite, and two have been converted into a gym. (One remains—it's not like you're supposed to live in this place with no staff.) Most notable, however, is the 800-square-foot living room (excuse us—salon) that features ceilings you have just got to see to believe. At only $25 million, it seems a little cheap for what you're getting, but it also hasn't been renovated in around two decades, so it might need some work in ways that aren't immediately apparent.

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