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10 Madison Square West's Tower o' Penthouses Revealed!

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The former International Toy Center building at 1107 Broadway entered its teaser phase not long ago, revealing that it would be called 10 Madison Square West and would soon debut as a building full o' one- to five-bedroom condos designed by Alan Wanzenberg, architect-ed by Goldstein, Hill & West, and developed by the Witkoff Group. Good stuff. Now comes the better stuff?the first rendering reveal! Have a look, above, at the building's addition in particular.

The folks at Elliman have updated the building info page with a bit about the project's amenities. Sadly, the once-planned basketball court and bowling alley will not be rejoining us for this incarnation of the building, but there will be a 10,000-square-foot residents' club, a fitness center with a 60-foot pool, a yoga studio, a "treatment room" for massages, children's playroom, and private storage. Fancy-schmancy.

Here's our most recent look at construction on that addition:

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10 Madison Square West

1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010