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Coney Island Music Venue Will Exist at Last, In a Landmark

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[Curbed Flickr pool/mamckenna]

At last, victory for Marty Markowitz! The Brooklyn borough president has been pushing for a Coney Island amphitheater for eons, through controversies about noise and cost. The solution: put a music venue in a building that's already standing, rehabbing the structure in the process. Markowitz will officially announce today that the theater will go in part of the boardwalk building that once housed Childs Restaurant, the Times explains. The theater will also take up a lot next door that's been operating as an "unauthorized community garden." (Ah, there's where the outrage will come from regarding this plan.) The theater might not open for another two years, at least.

The Childs building will also house a restaurant again, the Times explains, and the terra cotta seashell-decorated facade will be preserved, too. (The spot is landmarked.) Creating the theater's backstage area will require removing a portion of the building's western wall, and the design might also incorporate a lawn where people can gather to watch the concerts. Preliminary thoughts from the peanut gallery?
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