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'Bricks and Brownstone' Book, Revised; The DEP on Domino

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CITYWIDE?The preservation-focused nonprofit New York Landmarks Conservancy is supporting Rizzoli's planned new edition of the comprehensive tome on row houses, Bricks and Brownstone, in 2014. First published in 1972, the author (the late Charles Lockwood) appointed his longtime collaborator (preservationist Patrick Ciccone) to complete the expanded revision... but funds are needed to make it happen. Head here to donate. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

WILLIAMSBURG?A YouTube video posted yesterday accused the Domino project's workers of using unsafe practices to remove asbestos from the site; Two Trees was quick to respond to the clip, emphasizing that city agencies had already vetted their demolition procedures and that everything was safe. Now the Department of Environmental Protection is weighing in. "Since the work began a week ago, DEP inspectors have been to the factory twice, including this Wednesday, and all the work is being done in accordance with DEP Rules and Regulations, including having a NYS licensed asbestos air monitor on-site. DEP will continue to monitor the work," DEP spokesman Christopher Gilbride wrote in an email to Curbed. PSA to the 'Burg: rest reassured that your babies, puppies, and other denizens are breathing in asbestos-free air. Win! [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]