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A YouTube video posted yesterday by a user with the cheeky handle "2treesPR" alleges that New York Insulation workers at the site of the Domino Sugar Factory conversion along the Williamsburg waterfront are using illegal methods and creating hazardous conditions in the neighborhood by performing open-air asbestos abatement. Two Trees promptly responded with a statement in the comments section emphasizing that the removal work is fully within the bounds of the law and that no violations have been issued by any agency. "The video shows asbestos abatement, as required by law, permitted and done according to protocol," writes Two Trees' Dave Lombino. "DEP was on site observing that very work on the day the video was taken. Air monitoring shows that levels? were below acceptable levels with no exposure away from the work area." The selection of NY Insulation to do the work was in itself controversial, the Daily News reported. Is this skirmish just the beginning of a larger neighbors vs. Two trees War? [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY