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Here are 10 Proposals for Dumbo's Empire Stores Buildings

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The Empire Stores coffee warehouse buildings on Dumbo's Water Street are headed for a makeover so that they can contribute to the filling of Brooklyn Bridge Park's coffers. The park issued an RFP in late September for developers interested in leasing, restoring, and running commercial/retail spaces in the seven landmarked buildings, and a winning plan will be chosen this summer. In the meantime, Brownstoner spotted the RFP responses on the Brooklyn Bridge Park website; there are 10 major proposals (with no developer names given, alas).

The warehouses contain about 398,760 square feet of space that can be used once the buildings are redeveloped, and the developer must respect "the architectural and historic significance of the resource." The plans show everything from restaurants and cafes to a gallery to sports, home design, and apparel retail to offices and event spaces. Check out the renderings from each team in the gallery above.
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Empire Stores

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