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Remains of Huguette Clark's Last Apartment Now Up for Grabs

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Much of late heiress Huguette Clark's 907 Fifth Avenue estate sold last fall to financier Frederick Iseman. Co-op board approval in hand, Iseman got creative with his actual holdings, purchasing apartment 8W and then annexing one bedroom of 8E for a little expansion. The rest of 8E is, the Post notices, now back on the market. The price this time around is $7.2 million, down from $12 million when the place was listed last year. That must have been some bedroom!

The apartment is now a 2BR, 2BA with a windowed gallery, library, corner living room, lots of wall space for the hanging of expensive works of art, and "a possibility of creating a huge designer kitchen and separate staff room with full bath." (The creation of a new master suite is an option, too.) The maintenance is $5,602/month.

The listing offers two floorplans, the current layout and a potential alternative:

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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021