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Your Thoughts on Fifth and Sixth Aves., Via Online Post-Its

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Transportation Alternatives, an NYC cyclist, pedestrian and public transit advocacy group, has launched a website and online tool to gain feedback about specific intersections on Fifth and Sixth avenues from 59th Street down to Washington Square Park and Waverly Place, respectively. In its eyes, these two crucial arteries can be downright dangerous for those who share the road with cars every day. "Over 26,000 pedestrians walk past a single block of 5th Avenue during rush hour and 6th Avenue is the most biked street in New York City," a statement from the organization said. "Meanwhile, over thirty New Yorkers have been killed in traffic on 5th and 6th Avenues over the last ten years and hundreds more have been seriously injured."

The site's been live for a few days, so we checked out what the contents of post-its commenters have plastered on the various intersections. As the straightforward feedback-giver posted above, about the apparently unpopular crossing of 33rd and Fifth Avenue by the tourist magnet of doom a.k.a. the Empire State Building, "I hate crossing across fifth here!" Other hotspots for complaints and suggestions were 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, right near Central Park South, and, unsurprisingly, the highly trafficked thoroughfare of 42nd Street. The intersection of Sixth Avenue at 8th is another sore spot, while Sixth Avenue and 33rd Street, near Macy's and Koreatown, attracted the most comments on that avenue.

Many New Yorkers, or at least the ones that have left notes on the site, are asking for more bike lanes, better enforcement of bike lane invaders like cars and scooters, repainting crosswalks where the white lines have faded, remedies for particular intersections overstuffed with pedestrians who spill out into the street, and the like. What else is wrong with Fifth and Sixth avenues? Add your voice to the fray, or sign a petition, and let's check back in a few years to see if the city takes any of these suggestions.
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