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Four-Story, 16-Room Lenox Hill Penthouse Wants $22 Million

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We've never heard much of anything about Claremont House, located at 52 East 72nd Street, but the 30-year-old, 14-unit condominium building has just put itself on the map with a listing for its 6,300-square-foot penthouse, which encompasses the building's top four floors. Previous Claremont House listings seem to represent a sort of attempt to blend to into the old Upper East Side, with some marble foyers doing most of the heavy lifting. The newly-renovated penthouse, on the other hand, which is asking $21,950,000, is more modern and decidedly more confident in its design, which includes two woodburning fireplaces, three planted terraces totaling over 1,200 square feet of outdoor space, wide-open rooms, and a glass-ceilinged dining area.

· 52 East 72nd Street #PH [Brown Harris Stevens]