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Heights Apartment Seeker Apparently Hasn't Heard of Craigslist

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A tipster sent us this picture of a flyer that has been nailed to a tree in Brooklyn Heights. Addressed to the "fellow residents (and landlords) of / This neighborhood, which I've so grown to love," the flyer contains a lengthy rhyming poem in which a young man named James issues a plea to the neighborhood to help him find an apartment. It is, all things considered, a pretty good poem (hey, it does rhyme), but four lines from the bottom we get to the crux of the matter: James would like to spend "About a grand a month." Rental reports show that the average price of a studio in the neighborhood is just about twice that, and, since most brokers don't offer discounts for charmingly literate renters, things aren't looking so good for James. Still, it's fun to imagine that before the Internet this was just how everybody searched for apartments.