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Warhol's Former Townhouse Gets Another 15 Mins, Asks $5.8M

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A prewar Lexington Avenue townhouse, whose ground floor Andy Warhol used as a studio between 1959 and 1974 while he lived upstairs, is on the market. The narrow, five-story 4BR/4.5BA is asking $5.795 million, a pretty tidy increase from its 2011 sale value of $3.55 million (though it's undergone a "designer renovation" since then). The ask is a whole ton of a lot more than the price Warhol got: $60,000.

Times sure have changed for 1342 Lex. Back when Warhol resided there, he apparently shared it with his mother, 25 cats named Sam, and a host of objects he used for his paintings, like Campbell's Soup cans and Brillo packages. (These memories were recorded by Warhol's nephew in a children's book he penned called Uncle Andy's: A faabbbulous visit with Andy Warhol.) Now it's got modern-day niceties like dual Sub-Zero fridges and a matching wine cooler. The brokerbabble does expect the buyer to be an culture vulture, however, noting that the entrance gallery is perfect for "perfect for displaying your art treasures."

Warhol gallivanted across the city with his real estate dealings, spending time in a decidedly grander 12-room townhouse at 57 East 66th Street as well as an East Village home he owned in the 60s at 321 East 6th Street. Apparently, the artist had a thing for townhouses.

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