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Mystery Lot Condo Building The Jefferson Has Rooftop Mystery

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East Village condo development The Jefferson stands on the site of the formerly long-vacant Mystery Lot, and neighbors have watch with interest as the eight-story building on 13th Street has risen from the grody New York City dust. Plans call for an 83-unit structure, which will include penthouse apartments with rooftop cabanas and amenities like a terrace with a kitchen and business lounges. This weekend blogger EV Grieve spotted an odd protrusion from the top of the building, pictured above, and got us all wondering, well, is this what a rooftop cabana looks like in the construction stage?

Turns out that a zoning diagram on file with the Department of Buildings [PDF] calls for an "allowable rooftop obstruction" for an elevator machine room, and it looks like it's in relatively the same position as the mystery object on the roof. Dammit, not a cabana. We want to know what those will look like! It also looks as like, in the rendering below, this permissible blocky bit of infrastructure is depicted as being quite a bit smaller. So, mystery solved?

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