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Chelsea Green Developer Plans Steampunk Project in Nolita

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A two-story building on Mott Street in Nolita came down in summer 2011, to make way, according to then-current plans, for an eight-story hotel. Now it appears something different?and rather more interesting?is happening at the site. Above, take a peek at the early rendering for 199 Mott Street, an 11-story residential building with two- and three-bedroom apartments. Sizes range from 1,300-ish square feet to an over-3,000-square-foot penthouse, and pricing will start in the neighborhood of $2 million. Developer Alfa Development is the same company behind the eco-obsessed Chelsea Green project, but in this case, reps tell us, the team is going for a "steam punk" aesthetic. It hasn't been the most successful design approach in the past, but hey, maybe it will catch on.
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