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Surveying the Progress of 10 Financial District Buildings-To-Be

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If there's a neighborhood that feels like a perpetual construction site, it would be the Financial District. There are the major, decades-long projects like the World Trade Center and the Fulton Center, but then there are dozens of small, several-years-long projects scattered all over the place, many of which seem to be hotels. It's hard to keep track of what's rising where (especially when developers are unintentionally secretive), but a Curbed tipster and FiDi denizen sent along some photos to help us keep tabs. We've gathered the photos into a gallery above, and there's only one building we couldn't quite place, so if you know it, please advise and all of the projects are identified in the captions. Also, if you've got other construction photos, in FiDi or elsewhere, they are more than welcome on the tipline.
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213 Pearl Street

213 Pearl Street, New York, NY

5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman St., New York, NY 10038

99 Washington Street

99 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006

113 Nassau Street

113 Nassau Street, New York, NY