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Marina Abramovic Buys a $2.65 Million Apartment in Soho

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Public records that appeared this afternoon show that apartment #8A in Soho's The Urban Glass House just sold for $2.65 million to Marina Abramovic. And, while we have yet to confirm which Marina Abramovic this is (or how many Marina Abramovics there even are in the first place), we're guessing its the performance artist Marina Abramovic making her triumphant return to the neighborhood she left behind less than a year ago when she sold her Soho loft for $3.2 million. Unlike that place, which practically screamed "the artist is present," this 1,722-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA is a pretty conventional high-end condo. Nice, though, with floor-to-ceiling windows and Annabelle Selldorf-designed interiors.
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