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Little Italy's Novogratz Basketball Dome Back on the Market

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5 Centre Market Place, a Novogratz-designed single-family townhouse in Little Italy, went through quite an ordeal last time it tried to find a buyer. Listed in 2008 for $18 million, it finally sold two years later for a mere $11,999,900 to George Soros' son, Greogry Soros. But Soros, apparently, is not entirely happy with his purchase (or he just wants to make a hundred dollars) and has put the 5,700-square-foot house back on the market with an asking price of an even $12 million. The domed rooftop basketball court must have failed to live up to expectations, but it's no skin off the Novogratzes' vintage light fixtures—they still made over $10 million (minus whatever the renovation cost) after buying the townhouse for $1.5 million in 2004.

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