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Actor Matthew Modine Flips Chelsea Apartment for $2.1M

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Film actor Matthew Modine, best known for his roles as Foley in The Dark Knight Rises, Joker in Full Metal Jacket, and "Matthew Modine" in Matthew Modine's Apartment Listing, has succeeded in selling his duplex loft in Chelsea's 420 West 25th Street. Although the 1,668-square-foot pad went for $190,000 below the $2.29 million asking price, according to city records, Modine probably isn't taking it too hard since he paid only $1.73 million for the place a mere five years ago. (For those of you not following along on your calculators, that comes out to a $370,000 profit, or a 21 percent return on investment.) The new owner will now get to enjoy an all-glass kitchen and Nordic Ash flooring, "a good, strong hardwood flooring," according to Matthew Modine.

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