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At Long Last, 'Burg Condo Building Reveals Its Colorful Facade

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We last checked in on the long-stalled condo rental development at 53 Broadway when it became un-stalled last year, even earning the title of one of the best Unarrested Developments of the Year in 2012. The 72-unit building, south of the Williamsburg Bridge and across the street from the Gretsch Building, had all but fallen off our radar until Brownstoner posted a construction shot of its facade, which looks more colorful than we expected given the most recent rendering, which painted the building in hues of gray and slate blue with a splash of orange on the balconies. But then we came across a new rendering (!!!) on the website of the architects, Kutnicki Bernstein.

So yes, it does looks like the facade is going to be splashed with brighter reds and blues after all, the exact shades TBD when the facade is complete. We applaud their (sorta) bold use of color. When the seven-story building is finally done?it's been in the works since 2008?in addition to the condos, it will have ground-floor retail space, 66 parking spaces, a health club and a pool, according to developers Kaish and Taub. (UPDATE: will have the rentals when they hit the market, according to a PR email, but we don't yet know when that will be.) Below, some images from K&T's website of the interior?the pool looks especially inviting.

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