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Worst Neighbor Ever?

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A resident of East 18th Street, who has actually-not-ironically called herself a "crazy cat lady," is refusing to give back two felines to a neighbor who had asked her to watch them temporarily. Now animal rescuer Marilyn Speier is suing osteopath Marcia Pehr to get the tabbies back. The owner of "at least" five cats, Pehr was also the subject of a USA Documentary Network project called Woman With Cats. (It's so bad. No, it's so good.) This isn't the first time Pehr has pissed off nearby residents. "I think [my neighbors] think my yard or porch, in which I do a lot of Dumpster diving, is a lot untidier than they'd like to see," she said on camera. "But hey, it's my yard and my porch?so, tough." Brokers, good luck getting anyone to live near this gem. [DNAinfo]