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Curbed NY Seeking New Weekend Editor. Is It You?

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Attention, Curbed NY readers and aspiring contributors! Curbed is on the lookout for a new weekend editor as current weekend writer Jeremiah Budin takes on more weekday coverage. Intrigued? Read on for more about the job.

We're looking for someone with journalism in his or her blood to helm the site each weekend. Responsibilities may include (a) covering the Curbed-y news of Saturday and Sunday, including any breaking stories; (b) attending and writing up open houses all over New York City; and (c) engaging fully in our coverage of special weekend events like Open House New York. You should have a strong sense of what makes a Curbed story and an eagerness to dig into the news and put a Curbed spin on the topics of the day. Regular weekend availability is, obviously, essential.

The job is a part-time position with commensurate pay, but there is a possibility of growing with the company. To apply, e-mail with a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested in the gig. If you've got a blog and/or a Twitter and/or a Tumblr and/or a Pinterest board, send along the links to those, too. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly. Thanks.