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Big Reveal: $699K for a 2BR Condo In Western Crown Heights

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As expected, this week's Pricespotter property stirred up quite a bit of debate. Not so much about the price of the unit?which is $699,000?but more about the neighborhood it's in, Crown Heights (of the 45 comments, only 14 contained actually price guesses). The condo is located at 457 Prospect Place, between Classon and Grand Avenues, solidly within the western Crown Heights border of Washington Avenue, but close enough to it that the Elliman listing calls the location Prospect Heights. Regardless of what some think of the neighborhood, there's no doubt that rents and home prices in the western part of the neighborhood are rising. On the other hand, all but two of the guesses were below the asking price, so maybe they aren't rising as much as this seller thinks.

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