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Upper West Side Triplex with Astroturf Yard Now $3.775M

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The owners of this garden triplex in the three-unit co-op building at 119 West 82nd Street got it for 20 percent below the asking price in 2009, when they paid $1.925 million. They wasted no time giving the place a thorough renovation—keeping the scale and layout mostly intact, but introducing new finishes throughout—and have now put it back on the market for $3.775 million, almost twice what they paid four years ago (not counting whatever the renovation cost). In addition to the new finishes, the backyard has been landscaped with what appears to be astroturf, which sounds tacky and, well, sort of is. But it's also kind of cool? Maybe? And hey, who wants to deal with maintaining actual grass anway?

· Listing: 119 West 82nd Street #1 [Corcoran]