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Outer Shell of Battery Park's SeaGlass Carousel Unveiled

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SeaGlass, the aquatic-themed carousel that has been in the works in Battery Park for the past six years, has topped out and the final panel of its outer shell was unveiled at a ceremony, complete with politicians, champagne, and free tee-shirts, this morning. Once completed, the carousel, designed by WXY architecture, will give riders the impression that they have been enveloped by the ocean (minus the lack of oxygen). It will feature color-changing LED light fixtures, an integrated audio system, and 30 glowing, hydraulic, fiberglass fish, making it New York City's best/worst place to go when you're on mushrooms. None of the interior features are installed yet, but two-dimensional scale (ha) representations of the fish were present as place-holders. The real things are going to be much more exciting, though.
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