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Astoria's Unsold Steinway Mansion Cuts Price—And Size

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Astoria's Steinway Mansion, an 1858 property on the old Steinway piano factory grounds, has lingered on the market for several years?partly because, as the mansion's executrix tells the Daily News, even those who've loved the house have been "overwhelmed" by the massive size of the property. Executrix Michele Kazarian's latest solution is to split the property up and sell three of its seven plots for $1.9 million. (The entire spread had been asking $1 million more.) Those three plots would include the mansion itself, and the lower price might allow a group like the Friends of Steinway Mansion, a new non-profit hoping to save the house, to actually make an offer.

But the Friends of Steinway Mansion, who planned to take donations and then buy the property, said they would prefer to shoot for the higher price tag than see the lots divided among different owners. "That would really hem in the building," said the group's leader, Bob Singleton, especially if a commercial building went up next door.

Here's the floorplan the Friends are so eager to preserve:

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Steinway Mansion

18-33 41st St, Astoria, NY 11105