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South Beach Under Water; Miami Starchitecture Heatmap

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) Everywhere: Miami may soon be known the world over as a city of great contemporary architecture. Introducing the Curbed Miami Starchitecture Heatmap, which plots all the new buildings currently under construction or being proposed by famous architects in South Florida.

2) South Beach: Check out these eerie GIFs of what South Beach might look like once global warming has done its worst. Scary? Perhaps. Underwater wonderland? Definitely.

3) Downtown: An idea as simple as a condo tower that happens to not have parking seems to be something entirely new for Miamians, many of whom can't imagine parting with their cars. Others love the idea. Whatever your personal thoughts, here it is, a condo tower being built downtown for people who don't have cars.

4) South Beach: A megaproject being proposed for the entrance to South Beach has pacified the neighbors. It won't be loud, it won't be bright, it won't be tall, and it will be very pedestrian friendly. It will also be, according to many concerned about the look of Miami Beach's principle entrance, absolutely boring.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]