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$405,000 Studio Might Be a Movie Set, Might Just Be Nuts

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The listing for this 500-square-foot studio manages to go 40 words before mentioning the interior design, which it then explains as "Styled as the set for the movie Fu Manchu." That's a pretty reasonable sounding explanation, however, according to IMDB, the most recent movie with "Fu Manchu" in the title came out in 1980, so maybe this apartment was styled as the set for an imaginary movie? There's a scary thought. It might be tempting to slap the "That's Rather Hideous" tag on this one, but that wouldn't be entirely fair. This apartment does not constitute a design failure—it achieves precisely the look it's going for, crazy as that look may be, in a way that's moderately reminiscent of the Chelsea Steampunk Apartment. While that apartment had to boring itself up in order to finally sell, let's hope that this one finds a buyer that will love it just like it is. "Apartment also comes with a real life genie," the listing concludes.

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