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New York Harbor Tours, Midtown East Rezoning Kicks Off

ON THE WATER AND BEYOND?With spring's warmer weather (hold up, oh yeah, we're still waiting on that one) comes a desire to get out on the water, right? Well, grab your windbreaker for a SideTour that involves a sunset sail around New York Harbor and includes glimpses of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, and the simple beauty of city skyline at dusk. It's just one out of a host of spring offerings from the guided tour startup. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

MIDTOWN EAST/KIPS BAY?We knew it was coming. The rezoning of a 73-block swath around Grand Central Terminal?which extends from East 39th to East 57th and spans from Second and Third avenues aaaaalmost to Fifth?officially begins today with a "public review" of the proposal. To paraphase (by a LOT), city officials want to replace outdated buildings to create more office space, beef up public areas, adjust sidewalks, improve transportation, and encourage green construction. Rezoning eastern Midtown has been a vague idea (with tons of opposition) for a long time, but now Community Boards 5 and 6 now have 60 days to review the plan before it has to be vetted by the borough president, the City Planning Commission, and the City Council. Miles to go, friends. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?The New York Center for Architecture is hosting a free, two-month-long exhibition of the plans for Hudson Yards. Though renderings and the like have been floating around for month, it's the first time the public can take a good hard look at printed-out, captioned designs for the buzzed-about stretch of the far West Side. The exhibition, which is up from May 1 to June 30, goes along with an eight-week speaker series related to the project. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

Hudson Yards

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