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Comment of the Day

"I went to see it yesterday at the insistence of my girlfriend. We had just come from a perfectly normal studio two blocks away on the other side of 6th ave for about the same price, and as we were done looking for the day, she asked about this one. Stuff glued to ceilings, walls, paint and crap all over the cabinets, bathroom and kitchen look like they need to be gutted, the little spur leading to the bathroom looks like somebody had been murdered in there. Creepy as all hell and I literally shivered when we came back outside. Considering the studio two blocks away is the same price, doesn't need to be gutted, and only lacks the (admittedly great) view of the library and garden, I think this one will have to fall quite a bit to find a buyer."?anon [$405,000 Studio Might Be a Movie Set, Might Just Be Nuts]