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Photographer's Work Seamlessly Fuses NY, London Cityscapes

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Photojournalist Daniella Zalcman moved from New York to London late last year, and was struck by the visual correlations between the city she had left and her adopted one. "I decided to create a series of double exposures. It was about capturing the nostalgia for my old home and my excitement for my new one," says Zalcman in a video on her Kickstarter page. "They map the visual intersections between New York's and London's streets and skylines. Brooklyn Bridge Park meets Leicester Square; Whitehall meets the South Bronx; the High Line meets Knightsbridge."

Eschewing the hefty camera she uses in her work for magazines and newspapers, Zalcman created the composites using just her iPhone and a few apps like Instagram.

Though the photographs may appear to be simply overlaid on top of each other, she carefully considered artistic elements like negative space, color, and contrast when creating each one. For each image you see, she discarded a dozen combinations that weren't quite good enough.

Zalcman set up a Kickstarter page to fund the first edition of a "New York + London" photo book, meeting her $6,000 goal in less than three days. With 19 days of fundraising left to go, she has upped her goal to $18,000.

Photographs of the two cities seem to mesh fairly seamlessly despite their differences. "Together," Zalcman says, "they create imaginary landscapes, like the ones we form when we think of home." Want more? Check out additional images in the series on Flickr and Instagram.
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