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Huys Makes It Official With Renderings, Website, Giant Tome

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[Renderings by Kroonenberg Groep, photos by Rene Clemente.]

Dutch-obsessed condo conversion Huys is already 40 percent sold over on Park Avenue South, but that leaves another 60 percent of the building to launch more officially. So Huys has unveiled a new website, and along with it some new renderings, which we've imported into the gallery above. There aren't as many quirky Dutch touches to the interior as we've seen in the marketing campaign, but the roof terrace will be landscaped by Piet Oudolf, a Dutch garden designer who worked on the High Line and Battery Park.

The building's ground-floor sales office includes an exhibition space, and for the moment, that space is exhibiting photos of neighborhood scenes?and an extra-large copy of the new book about the building, created for marketing purposes. (Photos of the exhibit and that fancy book in the gallery.) Future exhibitions will focus on?you guessed it?Dutch design. The building's website lists 10 units still available, starting at $1.445 million and going all the way up to $9.25 million.
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