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Finding the Cheaper Corners of Manhattan's Priciest 'Hoods

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Newish rental listings site Zumper has put together some fun data on Manhattan's "cold pockets," the cheaper corners of the borough's most expensive neighborhoods. Above, check out the cold pocket of Chelsea, where the median rent is $3,250/month compared to the rest of the 'hood's $3,735/month. Here's one representative cold pocket listing, a 1BR, 1BA in West 33rd Street Olivia building for $3,250/month.

In Midtown, the median rent is $3,400, but in Midtown's cold pocket, to the east and south, the median rent is a lower $3,000/month. A 1BR at 333 East 49th Street, for example, popped onto the rental market recently at $2,875/month (though it is no longer available).

Tribeca's median rent is a substantial $4,395/month, but in the blocks just north of Chambers Street, that falls to $3,800?maybe not quite a cold pocket, but there's a bit of a breeze. A rental at 121 Reade Street is asking $3,450/month, with availability starting June 1. Another just-expired 1BR on Chambers Street was asking $3,800/month.

In the West Village, the median rent comes in at $3,900/month, but in the blocks south of Christopher Street, it's closer to $3,000/month. There is, in fact, a second-floor 1BR at 130 West 10th Street available for that price, as well as a 1BR at 76 Carmine Street.

Heading uptown to the Upper East Side, the pattern continues: the neighborhood's median rent is $2,925/month, but in the 80s east of Second Avenue, the median falls to $2,350/month. There's a 1BR available for exactly that price at 305 East 83rd Street.

And finally, across town on the Upper West Side, the median rent is $3,400/month, but the cold pocket to the north has a median rent of $2,600/month. Here's one sample listing, a 1BR, 1BA asking $2,490/month.
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