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$16.5M Turtle Bay Townhouse Looks Like an Evil Villain's Lair

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Woah. The Turtle Bay Gardens row of townhouses is known for its connecting garden, but who knew that one of them looked like this on the inside? 226-228 East 49th Street, which just hit the market for $16.5 million, features a "hall of mirrors," a "double height grand ballroom" with 22-foot ceilings, and a garden with a "'Medici fountain' modeled after the original in Rome." To the best of Google Translator's knowledge, those things on the ballroom ceiling mean, from left to right: "Jous people precioux gays have the gift of being good to all people serioux," "Will you go go undersigned solicitous and merengue," and "What is gained is lost today morning." So there's that.
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