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Johnson & Johnson Heiress Continues Real Estate Sales Bender

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Libet Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson clan has gone through some rough times?well, by heiress standards. The latest? She just, the Observer reports, put a rather blah 2BA/2.5BA at Trump International on the market for $4 million. It's a 30th-floor unit with floor-to-ceiling windows and generously sized rooms and all, but her old penthouse upstairs, which she sold back in 2007 for $18.5 million, had park views. Apartment #30E delisted back in 2011 when its ask was $3.895 million, so apparently Johnson is banking that a little hiatus plus a new broker (Stribling) will help her get $4M for it (which is double what she paid in 2004).

Johnson's real estate love affairs with Trump International have been manifold, but that's the least of it. She bought the Vanderbilt Mansion in 2011 and put it back on the market for $50 million just a year later, but no buyer has bit as far as we know. Apparently, Johnson also lost a few million on a Perry Street townhouse. But heck, she's got a fortune in the family vault, plus she's settled some legal beef with her ex-boyfriend over the custody of their adopted nine-year-old from Cambodia, so in light of all that, this apartment is kind of a trumpified speck.

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