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Who Listed These Adjacent Village Townhouses Better?

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Welcome back to the feature where we take a co-exclusive listing (an apartment listed by two brokers from different agencies) and ask the question: Who Listed It Better? Send any suggestions in to the tipline.

Corcoran Massey Knakal
The Possibilities: "With 9600 square feet of interior space plus an additional 600 square feet that could be added, 133 135 West 13th Street affords many extraordinary opportunities including the conversion to one of Manhattans largest private homes." "The combined renovated value could be in excess of $30,000,000."
The History: "133 and 135 West 13th Street comprise two federal style, 4 story townhouses constructed in 1890 and offer an incredibly rare 41 feet of width on one of Greenwich Villages finest blocks." "Located ... in the Greenwich Village Historic District."
The Current Tenants: "133 West 13 contains 2 rent stabilized units on the 2nd floor." "If the townhouse were to be vacated..."

These two listings are pretty similar, containing the same basic information about the two adjacent, four-story townhouses that, combined, total almost 10,000 square feet and are asking $15.9 million. However, reading between the lines, the brokerages seem to be selling two different visions. While Corcoran suggests that the two townhouses could be combined into one enormous dream home, Massey Knakal sees only dollars signs, throwing out a possible resale value and stopping just short of suggesting that the rent-stabilized tenants should be booted out. (To be fair, Corcoran's suggestion of one combined townhouse also implies that the tenants wouldn't be around anymore, but at least they don't say anything about it.) For this one, we're going with Corcoran, mainly because we kind of want to see how awesome that combined townhouse would be.
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