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Comment of the Day

"It's not so bad with it being next to a much taller building. It should've been set back 10 or more feet though. Lose some square footage, gain a rare front facing terrace on a brownstone block (which can be worth more than the square footage). I would clad or paint the exterior in a dark grey / blackish grey so that it's not as noticeable / not so glaring. Some of the Drucker Co buildings do this in Boston and DC (like 505 Tremont in Boston; not a huge fan of the bldg, but the greyish top-off looks good). The current white exterior will look dirty with black streaks down the sides after 1-2 seasons. They'll have to spend a fortune powerwashing it at least once a year or more (assuming they'll be paying someone). And powerwashing doesn't get rid of the kind of stains that streak down from a rooftop. It also creates a mist which blows over onto the neighbor's windows."?anon [West 71st Street Townhouse Roof Gets Incongruous Addition]