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Professional Image Alterer Imagines New York As Pyongyang

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[Photos by Nickolay Lamm.]

Professional photo alterer Nickolay Lamm has already imagined what the Statue of Liberty will look like in 500 years when sea levels rise, and now he's turned his attention to a different "what if" query. To wit, what if New York scenes actually took place in Pyongyang? Bear with us.

Inspired by photographs of the DPRK capital as well as passages from the book Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, which profiles six ordinary citizens, Lamm took a nighttime shot of New York and made it much darker, because electricity is a scarce commodity there.

"There is almost no signage, few motor vehicles. Private ownership of cars is largely illegal, not that anyone can afford them...The houses are simple, utilitarian, and monochromatic," reads the quote from Nothing to Envy that influenced Lamm's Photoshop work on this image. "Couples are not supposed to make any public displays of affection?even holding hands in public is considered risque." Instead than TGIF, let's just go with TGI... not North Korea.
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