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Charting How Much Renters Save By Living Far From Work

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Following their recent research into cold pockets, the corners of Manhattan neighborhoods where rents are ever so slightly cheaper, the dataheads at rental search site Zumper have put together one more set of numbers, this one focusing on time spent commuting vs. money saved on rent. The charts look at a series of popular NYC office locations and the time it takes to commute to them from other neighborhoods, plus the amount of money saved on rent (or not) the farther one lives from work. The neighborhood that appears to be the best value for the amount of time saved? Long Island City, with an average commute time to popular work subway stops of 15 minutes and an average rent savings for $1,019/month compared to living nearer the office. That means that per hour of commute, the average working stiff would save about $104.49 by living in LIC. One note on the data: it doesn't include time spent walking to and from the subway from one's apartment or office.

The chart above shows some of the most popular neighborhoods and their average stats. Here are a few more specifics:

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