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West 71st Street Townhouse Roof Gets Incongruous Addition

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A townhouse at 226 West 71st Street has successfully added an architecturally incongruous addition, sticking a modern, white penthouse on top of traditional brown-facaded stories, as spotted by My Upper West yesterday. Public records show that the building was bought back in April 2011 by an LLC for $5.175 million, and based on DOB permit filings, renovations began soon after to covert the multi-family unit into a single-family home, installing not only a two-story rooftop addition but also an extension of the rear of the townhouse. The structure isn't landmarked, though its status is listed as "calendared," meaning that the DOB would have had to tell the LPC if work was going to be done on the house. One commenter on My Upper West wrote, "I have been watching this project for the last few years and am STUNNED that they were able to build that addition upstairs. STUNNED. More power to them...."
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