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Troubled Harlem Park Development May Be Back in Action

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The world gave up on Harlem Park years ago, but the looooong-stalled development project at 1800 Park Avenue is about to show us all. Once planned as a mixed-use megaproject where Major League Baseball would base its cable network, financing troubles and MLB's withdrawal ultimately killed the project. But now, the Post reports, developer Ian Bruce Eichner has stepped up to the plate.

Vornado unloaded the property to Eichner for $65 million, and the developer's plans include (according a few sources) an 80/20 residential building with street retail and 600 apartments, at least 200 of them affordable. Eichner doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to financing (hello there, 1540 Broadway), but there's a good chance Harlem Park is finally back in the game.
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