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Touring New Long Island City Rental Building 27 on 27th

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[All photos by Will Femia.]

27 on 27th, a new rental building in the construction-heavy Long Island City microhood of Court Square, made its debut in January. The developer and marketing team have been leasing the project from the bottom up, and 102 of the 142 units have been rented. We decided to take a building tour before we lost our chance, and, with photographer Will Femia, walked through the amenities spaces and four units, two unfurnished penthouses and two furnished models. Take a look at it all in the gallery above. For anyone planning on checking out the building in the near future, the models are about to be moved to higher floors (only on the top five floors or so are apartments still available), where they'll have the same furniture but different colors and artwork. Prices on what's left range from $2,100/month for a studio to $3,734/month for a two-bedroom.
Given Court Square's proximity to Midtown, it's not surprising that renters so far have been mostly young professionals, about half from Manhattan, some from Queens and Brooklyn, and 12 percent from out of state. In fact, the building has "the same demographics of Williamsburg," explains's David Maundrell. (Surprisingly given the building's location right near JetBlue HQ, no JetBlue employees have rented yet.) Now that the developer has a solid base of apartments leased?which was the goal, to beat out other projects under construction nearby?attempts to create a building culture with programming (yoga, social events,etc.) will soon begin.

Just for fun, here's a 270 degree panoramic view from the building:

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27 On 27th

27-3 42nd Road, Queens, NY