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Hospital Building-Gone-Rental Reboots, Loses Code Name

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The first piece of St. Vincent's headed for redevelopment is 555 Sixth Avenue. We learned last year that the place would be going rental, and in February, a teaser site launched, naming the building The Code. But BuzzBuzz Home noticed that things have changed. Thankfully, developer Stonehenge has dropped the idiotic name, and now the place will just be known by its address, 101 West 15th Street. The building might also be losing the cubic creation that ODA planned to put atop it. The renderings on the architect's website still shows the ultra-modern addition, but a rendering on Stonehenge's site does not. You can compare the two looks above.

The marketing has switched gears, too. Instead of digitized craziness, the new teaser site turns to writer Floyd Dell for inspiration, quoting his poem "The Rise and Fall of Greenwhich Village": Where now the tide of traffic beats / There was a maze of crooked streets; the noisy waves of enterprise / Swift-hurrying to their destinies / Swept past this island paradise: / Here life went to a gentler place / And dreams and dreamers found a space.

According to Stonehenge's website, the building will have 160 (not the previously-reported 180) studios and one-bedrooms "grouped around a spacious indoor/outdoor common space which will be utilized to provide an exciting range of lifestyle services and activities." There will also be a gym, outdoor theater, and 13,000-square-feet of ground floor retail. The leasing office will open in June.
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555 Sixth Avenue

555 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY