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Curbed Network Now Hiring Social Media, Video Interns

Curbed Network is currently looking for some enthusiastic interns to join the team at our headquarters in New York City.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNS: You are about to graduate from college, or you just graduated from college. You love social media—Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube—sure, even Facebook. You'll be perfect for Curbed Network's summer-long social media internship. Beyond an insane passion for social media, all the usual self-starter traits that you undoubtedly possess, you'll need an equally huge passion for our websites and the subjects they cover. The internships are based in our New York City office and include a small stipend depending on time worked; there's a minimum three days a week commitment. All social media internships have the potential to grow into full-time jobs once the summer's over. Interested? Send an email to with the subject line "Social Media Intern," a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about your interest in the position.

VIDEO INTERNS: We're also looking for hard-working, organized summer video interns to work directly with our video team on a variety of projects. As a video intern, you'll be responsible for activities including assisting with shoots in the field, helping in the office with things like post-production workflow, building a creative commons music library and coordinating our YouTube presence. Applicants should have knowledge of DSLR video, be fluent in Final Cut Pro 7 and X, know how to operate H4N Zoom sound recorder and wireless microphones, have an eye for text and interest in graphic design and know how to use YouTube and Vimeo. Must be available two days a week from early June-August. Interested? Please e-mail a bit about yourself and why you want the job, a resume and a demo reel or clips to with the subject line "Video Intern."