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Midtown Is Getting the Western Hemisphere's Tallest Hotel

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Take a good long look at the photo above. That building, now making rapid progress up toward the skyline, will be the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere once it opens, which it is scheduled to do by December. (It's progressing so rapidly, in fact, that the construction date was just moved up for the third time, according to reps from the project's manager, CNY Group.) The building will also be a Marriott Hotel?the Central Park Marriott, to be precise, at 54th Street and Broadway. The $200 million building will actually contain two hotels, a Courtyard by Marriott (378 rooms) and an extended-stay Residence Inn (639 rooms). Two more fun facts about the 753-foot building: 1) it will be the world's tallest Marriott, and 2) it will have the highest floor-to-area ratio (30 to one) of any NYC building ever. Congrats in advance!
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