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200 Chambers Sale Closes Despite Square Footage Dispute

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Prom dress mogul David Wilkenfeld made plans to purchase a $16.5 million penthouse at 200 Chambers Street last year, but then he had second thoughts. In fact, he filed a lawsuit alleging that the seller's broker misrepresented the apartment's square footage as 96 or 152 square feet larger than it actually is. Today's heartwarming update, though, is that a little dispute about square footage isn't necessarily enough to torpedo a real estate deal. A tipster points out that Wilkenfeld has closed on the property for $13 million.

Wilkenfeld had actually decided to close despite his square footage concerns, so the sale doesn't do much to un-complicate the situation. Wilkenfeld is still hoping for the requested $2.08 million settlement and what he thinks is a difference between the price he paid and the penthouse's actual value at a lower square footage. He claims he was sent the contract during Hurricane Sandy and was thus too stressed out to give it the most careful consideration. Whatever happens with the lawsuit, we hope Wilkenfeld can stop pacing out measurements long enough to enjoy his new home.

For posterity, here's the much-disputed floorplan:

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200 Chambers Street

200 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282