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Mystery Developer Unveils 'Astoria Cove' Plan for Hallets Point

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One day, some massive residential development may rise in Hallets Point, but for years now, any such development has only existed in plans and on the internet. Developer Lincoln Equities Group has been trying to win support and secure funding for a 2,644-unit development since 2009 (this plan was supposed to start ULURP soon), but now a different developer has submitted a proposal called Astoria Cove. The Observer spotted the 1,535-unit project's environmental assessment statement, which comes from an LLC named "2030 Astoria Developers." A representative for the group would not reveal the people behind that LLC.

The plans call for a combination of townhouses and towers on a waterfront site overlooking Pot Cove. It sits on 26th Avenue, roughly between 9th and 4th Streets. The buildings further inland would top out at 80 feet (8 stories), while the apartment buildings near the water would rise between 120 and 300 feet. Twenty percent of the apartments, about 340, would be affordable. The development would include public access to the waterfront, a 25,000-square-foot supermarket, and 117-square-feet of retail space. There would be the option to build a 456-seat elementary school, and the developer is also exploring options for a residents-only shuttle service to and from the 30th Street N/Q station.

Councilman Peter Vallone represents the area, and he told the Observer that he has yet to support either proposal because they do not include commitments for public infrastructure, like better transportation.
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