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Italian Artist Has Pretty, Predictably Artsy Midtown Loft

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A tipster alerted us to the March issue of Architectural Digest's Italian edition, where there is a 10-page story [PDF] dissecting the dapper details of architect/designer/artist Antonio Pio Saracino's apartment at 433 West 34th Street. "From Puglia to New York," reads the headline, "a loft in Midtown between memory and creativity." Having renovated the property himself, the largely blue-, green, and gray-hued space has some design savvy only an artist could think up... and lots and lots and LOTS of art, both his own and by others. Photographs of his verdant homeland (adorably, taken by his padre) hang in the dining room while below rests a glinting model of the Empire State Building (which, the text adds, you can also see out the window). In the living room, a 700-year-old little bronze David sculpture by Bernini sits near a dark pouf by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

Formerly the home of actor and comedian Mickey Freeman of Sgt. Bilko fame (and his wife) until both passed away, Saracino purchased what became a sponsor unit because he saw the value of buying near the up-and-coming Hudson Yards area on the far West Side. As our tipster writes, "The area used to be considered 'blighted' and now buildings like 433 are quickly filling up with 'high-profile' NYC buyers?many in creative fields."
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Hudson Yards

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