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No One Knows How Much Hudson Yards' Culture Shed Will Cost

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Since the public review process started for the Culture Shed of the Hudson Yards mega-project, prominent art industry experts have pledged their support, a board of directors has started form, and officials secured a nonprofit status for whatever group will run it. But the Journal reports that many of the basics still need to be figured out?mainly, how much the damn thing will cost. Usually this is an integral piece of information in the public review process, but because of the shed's innovative design, no one knows how much construction will cost.

The retractable canopy will be covered with a lightweight, transparent plastic called ETFE that "has not been used very much on projects in the United States." It is less than 1 percent of the weight of glass, and it's the same high-tech material that was used on the Beijing "Bird's Nest" built for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The mechanism to moved the shed would be the same type of technology used in shipyard gantry cranes.

Cost questions aside, the local community board is not a fan of the deployable hood because it covers, and therefore restricts, part of a public outdoor plaza. If the design moves forward as is, they want the city to come up with an additional 20,000-square-feet of public space. The board is also concerned that the definition of "culture" is too broad?they don't want another space where groups can hold trade shows.

By the end of the year, the Culture Shed board will have a better idea of how much it will cost, as well as a capital funding campaign. Currently, the shed has not a single dollar in its pocket.
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