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1 WTC Gets Ready to be Topped by a Big Blinking Beacon

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Speaking of the top of 1 World Trade Center, where the observation deck was revealed yesterday, the tower's spire is rising, too. Still to come is another 200-plus-feet of in-spiring steel with a blinking beacon up top. It will soon be put in place by the crane crew at DCM Erections. Until it rises, that massive metal appendage is tucked away between the base of 1 WTC and Vesey Street, shrouded from the public view. But from the pedestrian bridge along the north side of the tower, we spied the uppermost part of the long-awaited spire.
A team of techies from J. R. Clancy, Ballantyne Strong, and TDK Engineering are busy getting the beacon's inner workings in line. Illumination will come from multiple modules containing 264 LEDs tucked inside the beacon framework, together blazing forth a combined 316,800 lumens. The little lights are designed to remain stationary, reflected by rotating mirror-like aluminum panels attached to a motorized turntable. The lighting is changeable and will mark holidays and civic celebrations. The entire assemblage is built to withstand the range of New York weather and will shine every night, from just before dusk until after the dawn.
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One World Trade Center Freedom Tower

72 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10006